Trip to Tokyo 東京

My recent trip took me to the countryside of Japan as usual-
but I set aside my last two days for a short and wonderful visit to Tokyo after I finished my work. Two good things happened:

On the first day, I discovered a very good sushi restaurant in Akasaka 赤坂, Sushi Midori 美登利 (Imagine that, good sushi in Tokyo)! A very relaxed but excellent spot to enjoy a bit of fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Midori has several restaurants in the Tokyo area besides in Akasaka and I would guess all are good.

The second day’s highlight was a side trip to the Suntory Museum of Art in Midtown to see an exhibition of
Kusumi Morikage 久隅守景. Morikage was an artist in early Edo period. He painted depictions of peasants’ lives as they toiled through the four distinct seasons of Japan –
So Simple but So Rich!

1st picture: Midori’s sushi usd17.
2nd picture: Morikage’s National Treasure – family enjoying the cool evening 納涼図屏風