ducks from kyoto to snow country

There is a serene, understated beauty to Kyoto; it is the one major city in Japan that has avoided massive skyscrapers of metal and glass. The hallmark of that beauty is
the Kamogawa (鴨川) running slowly but determinedly through the city. The ducks shown here enjoy the day, happy the river has remained accessible through the centuries. Each year a multitude of waterfowl visit the Kamogawa, along with their human friends from around the world. Everyone gets along splendidly.

Through the magical tunnel to Snow Country: more ducks have gathered to enjoy the colder climate and take a romp in the fine, white powder. These ponds sit outside the Uonogawa (魚野川) and provide a respite to relax from the river’s current before continuation of a journey.

These pictures were taken in mid March 2015 when I was there.