C53B89B5-CE0B-4973-B180-6C107D94044284630220-42ED-42B4-A7C8-2FB220BCD297East has finally met West at least when it comes to Halloween. This traditional western holiday of ghosts, goblins, witches and trick-or-treat is now enthusiastically celebrated in the cities of Japan – thanks at least partly to Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan both which have had annual Halloween celebrations for several years. These influences have extended to the rest of the country and parties, costumes and an array of interesting Halloween food items have become commonplace.

During my recent buying trip, I lucked into this delicate and tasty Halloween-themed pumpkin cheesecake at the Ritz Carlton in Midtown, Tokyo. So delicious and fun with a strong cup of coffee!

The whole atmosphere during this time is uplifting with merchants, television shows and restaurants all actively participating.

Happy Halloween!