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    japanese antique meiji era door

    circa: 1900 wood: hinoki (cypress) region: kyoto width: 33″ height: 50-1/4″ depth: 1-1/8″ price: sold #b350

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    japanese yukimi shoji door

    yuki-mi (雪見) in japanese means, literally, snow-see. each door has two sections, upper and lower. the lower section is made of glass and has a moving screen which sides up to show the outdoor scenery. this allows the choice of either privacy or a view. circa: 1930 material: hinoki wood & glass width: 27-1/2″ height: […]

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    japanese antique kone bachi

    this is for mixing and kneading buckwheat flour. circa: 1870 wood: hinoki (cypress) region: niigata dia: 20-1/2″ height: 5″ price: sold #a201

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    japanese taisho era furisode kimono

    formal kimono with yuzen-dyeing and fine touch of embroidery work. excellent condition. circa: 1920 material: silk width: 24″ back length: 62″ price: sold #d278

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    japanese taisho era kimono

    the refined techniques of double kasuri (ikat) creates the gorgeous pattern of morning glories. this is an unusual summer kimono with exellent condition. circa: 1920 material: sha silk width: 23-1/2″ back length: 57-1/2″ price: sold #d277

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    japanese antique door meiji era kurado

    circa: 1900 wood: hinoki (cypress) width: 43-12″ height: 69-1/2″ depth: 1″ price: sold #c067

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    korean antique mingei art

    circa: 1880 width: 17″ height: 34″ price: sold #d127

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    japanese vintage kasuri fabric

    this is iyo kasuri (伊豫絣) circa: 1950 material: cotton width: 14″ price: sold #b056

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    japanese taisho tsuidate screen

    with two sliding screen panels. circa: 1920 wood: hinoki (cypress) / sugi (cedar) width: 23-1/4″ height: 31-1/2″ depth: 9-1/2″ price: sold #b686

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    japanese antique edo period ohitsu

    this is a rare makie urushi edo period ohitsu (rice serving bowl) with tokugawa family’s mon, maruni- mitsuba-aoi (葵). circa: 1850 wood: hinoki region: tokyo dia: 9″ height: 4-1/2″ price: sold #d160

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    japanese edo era triptych ukiyo-e

    artist: utagawa toyoshige (toyokuni ll) (1777-1835) signature: ichiryusai toyoshige dated: 1820 technique: woodblock print format: 3 oban tate-e width: 30″ height: 14″ price: sold #d15

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    japanese old seto pottery

    circa: 1880 material: glazed stoneware width: 5″ height: 1-1/2″ depth: 4″ price: sold #a055