Trip to Uji 宇治

During my recent buying trip to Japan, I took time off to visit one of my favourite city-
Uji 宇治市.image

The small city of Uji city is situated between Kyoto and Nara. Uji is in a quaint natural setting enhanced by the beautiful Uji River flowing through it.

Uji includes the attractions of the famous Byodoin 平等院 and Ujigami shrine 宇治上神社;
also, the museum of the classic novel, the Tale of Genji, is there. For those who enjoy green tea, Uji is the most famous in Japan.

Although most of the cherry blossoms in the Kansai region were gone, I serendipitously discovered one in Byodoin still blooming gorgeously.

Walking down along the Uji River is now a favourite pastime for me…….